Crowdfunding Campaigns


  • Qavaa Crowdfunding at a Glimpse

    Crowdfunding allows people to raise capital using collective efforts of friends, family, individuals around the globe. Qavaa uses modern approach by giving you all the tools on a single platform to build, showcase and share your pitch asset to connect with investors / donors refereed as backers to fulfill your financing requirements.

    Backers of the campaign can also have benefits in return as set by campaign creators to give value in return.

    So moving from traditional approach of creating business plan, market research, creating prototypes and roaming around limited personals, wealthy individuals or companies you can publish your idea with world wide users having potential to help you succeed with your project.

    You can easily submit your campaign by filling simple form to get started.

  • Benefits of Fund Raising through Qavaa

    Capitals doesn’t come easy to Entrepreneurs these days from connecting to investors group to easy fundraising options Crowdfunding on Qavaa has number of benefits over all other options. Here are advantages you can opt-in using our Crowdfunding features.

    Presentation – Creating Crowdfunding campaign on Qavaa, gives your right tools to add images and text to explain complete process, history, offerings, ideas, value proposition and attractive package for users to understand.

    Reach – Using Qavaa platform you can benefit thousands of audience who can see, interact & share your fundraising campaign.

    Marketing & Public Relations – As you launch your Crowdfunding campaign on our platform your campaign gets circulated by Social Media, Mail Newsletters and many other online mediums. Publishing your campaign gives you free marketing opportunity & increases your project visibility.

    Efficiency – Best thing about Qavaa Crowdfunding platform is that you can build your individual profile which is published to potential investors so you won’t need to pitch everyone individually.

    Concept Validation – Presenting your idea to mass gives you excellent opportunity to validate and filter your offer. As many of interested investors will ask questions and express their interests you can analyze missing key or potential opportunities.

  • Different types of Crowdfunding on Qavaa

    Same like other kind of rounds in fund raising, there are various types of Crowdfunding. You can select any depending upon type of your service, goals and returns. We’ve categorized 3 primary types for your convenience

    1. Reward Based
    2. Donation Based
    3. Equity Based

    Reward Based Crowdfunding Campaign involves individuals making contribution for your project to receive “Reward” from your side. Backers Reward can be anything Physical or Digital product or service you’re willing to give in return of finance you receive. This is top approach on Qavaa and other popular fundraising platforms as it allows business owners & contributors an fair reward instead of ownership stakes.

    Donation Based Crowdfunding Campaign is an campaign where there’s no physical or digital reward neither any financial returns. Campaigns are considered as non-profit to make the world better place. Mostly donation based campaigns include fundraising for charities, nonprofits, medical cause and disaster reliefs.

    Equity Based Crowdfunding Campaign involves contributors to become partial owner of the company or project by investing capital for equity shares. Being an equity owner contributors are liable to receive profits in the form of dividend or other options.

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