A vos marques...Prêt… Partez !!!

11-11-19. Monde, rencontrez Qavaa.

There are many ways which I could use to promote my launch. I could issue a press release, make noise about it on social media or shout it out to the world… Yet, I find myself in a solemn, contemplative and almost-too-quiet state of mind… like a Viking listening to the quiet music she makes inside her mind, with her eyes closed, while the crowds around her roar in cheers, chanting “SKOL!!!!”

These jitters will not get the best of me. That noise will not distract me. I Am Focused. My eyes will remain on the goal. I Am Resilient. I will face every challenge ahead of me with strength, courage and wisdom. I Am Qavaa. I will make it.

If you care to share or dare to trade, welcome. I will make the world your village. Each one of us is given a choice. Mine is simple. Your success is my business. Your fulfillment is my delight. Make yours to join me… and make it count.


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