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Qavaa Social Network Platform makes it easy for you to Create profile, Make Friends & Connect with like minded people to share updates about passionate interests. Our Social media platform gives you flexibility, control & modern tools for free to create engaging community experience.

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Networking is fundamental!

Social Media Networking & It’s Role in Current Generation.

Technology has made the world a smaller place and the advent of social media websites has made it even smaller. As social network platforms have been used initially for personal interactions, gradually it has become a bigger networking site. 

Whether you may use social media for personal or professional reasons, networking is of great significance. Yet, what is even more essential is when you network with like-minded individuals. That is why our platform is of great essence. 

How Qavaa Social Network Platform encourage great networking?

Our Social Network Platform allows you to connect with our members basis your likes, interest, passion, and needs. Doesn’t matter how big or small community you have you get all tools to manage things on your own with ease.

The site allows you to post updates, make friends and create groups with individuals sharing similar interests. However, values are built when you connect and interact with the individuals. For this, you can participate in our online discussion forums and interact with individuals of your industry or niche. This makes the interaction more beneficial and practical. You can ask your questions, clarify your doubts, or even help others to gain some insights.

Additionally, sharing experiences always helps in building stronger relations. In our platform, you can share photos and documents exhibiting your know-how or capabilities with the group of entities. 

Features of Qavaa online social media platform

Our social network platform is built with the vision of creating a larger and credible networking site for individuals sharing passionate interests. You can make friends, meet, discuss, and understand your goals or exchange ideas and visions entrusting individuals here. You can leverage better business opportunities and market your brand with the right set of Target Audience in our platform. You can create your own community group to build your own brand identity with your expertise.

With more than a thousand opportunities knocking your door, sign up today and enjoy the unlimited benefits of networking absolutely free on our site here. 

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Qavaa Social Network Platform Allows you to

create profile on social network platform

Create Social Profile

Your social media profile is your identity on internet. When you search your name on google your social media profile on respective social network platform is the first thing that google populates. It helps you get found and also helps your audience to learn more about you, your goals and business. Having social media profile allows you to connect with other people, fans or customers and help you improve your online reputation.

social network platform groups & community make friends

Create & Join Social Groups

Qavaa Social platform allows all members to connect with people having similar interest and also organize them into public, private or hidden social areas with individual activity feeds and members capabilities. Join group and make new friends.

Group admins get all tools to manage the members and invite new members to grow the group. All tools allow group members to post photos, emojis, updates and ideas into the activity field of group.

Qavaa social network website forum board discussion

Join into Forum Discussion

Qavaa – Social network platform also allows users to create forum topics and discuss on various topics using structured bulletin message board type fashion. Online discussion allows users to exchange messages publicly on particular topic. Each group can create their own discussion forum and several groups can also be attached to single forum topic. Same way as normal groups users can embed photos, emojis and much more within their forum posts and replies.

private and group messaging social network platform

Private & Group Messaging

On every social media website Private messages allows users to communicate using secure quick message system, Users can send private messages to other members as well as to group members where members can be more productive and communicate more faster within community. Group message feature allows users to broadcast message instead sharing it one by one to start collaboration on ideas, perform various activities, tasks, meetings etc.

social network platform media document sharing

Share Documents & Media

Images and videos are great medium of sharing various information, Qavaa social network platform allows all users to upload photos, organize them into albums and share with all friends or members on platform. Users can share and view unlimited documents, files, images, videos etc. to their social profile, forum or in group. PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, MP4 and many more formats are supported.

social network platform feed

Surf Modern Activity Feed

Surf through all activities from your friends, groups, forums at single place. Qavaa social network website supports modern approach to like, comment, direct post, @mentions, email notifications and #hashtags so you can share updates easily. Make new friends and see their activities in your feed, You can also turn your groups into two-way “wall” for interactive experience.

A free sign up won’t cost you more than an email!

With more than a thousand opportunities knocking your door, sign up today and enjoy the unlimited benefits of networking absolutely free on our site here. 

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