Marriage is not….. Marriage is…

Marriage is not … Marriage is…

Today I want to share something I have been hearing. Often when this question is asked to some young ladies they will respond a certain way. 

A- Hey I haven’t seen you In a long while. What are you doing now? 

B- I am married …. 

Since when did being married become a status? Ladies wake up. Stop being fooled by the belief that marriage will complete you! You are a whole human being with a brain, two eyes, and two feet just like everyone else. God has blessed you with everything you need to evolve in life. Would you reduce yourself to marriage? 

Marriage is just one of the strategies God uses for man and woman to fulfill his purpose in life. When you are not married it doesn’t make you less of a person. God does not run out of strategies to fulfill his purpose. 

I can hear somebody say: « it is because you are married that you speak this way » « It is because you don’t understand the struggles we go through as singles ». « And by the way, there are no prospects, all men want is sex. » 

 Wrong wrong! Who told you that a man will marry someone who Will be a liability for him? Who told you that a man will marry someone who will not add anything to his life? I am talking about physical, emotional, spiritual addition. 

When some men get closer to some women all they get is unnecessary stress, unnecessary expenses, unnecessary comparison, unnecessary pride, unnecessary disrespect, unnecessary attitude, unnecessary talk, unnecessary complaints. They see no future with these women. Have you thought about who you are? Don’t you know that you are the daughters of the highest God? The King of kings lives inside of you! You have God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit on your side. Every time you stand, you stand with a whole army and the delegation of angels on your side: never single, never alone, surrounded always by Grace, Jesus himself. 

Have you ever thought about what you can bring to the table when it comes to being in a relationship with a man? Are you in the presence of God? A woman of prayer? Do you have a sound mind? A woman who could give sound advice to a man? Are you financially stable? Could you take over the financial responsibilities if he was to be disabled?

Because people lack understanding of what marriage is they submit to sin, fornication, and adultery to satisfy their lustful desires. Ladies stop being a sex toy. 

Let me share with you what marriage is not:

– Marriage is not for children

– Marriage is not stimulating in itself. You will have to stimulate it!

– Marriage is not tangible: nothing to do with accumulating things

– Marriage is not for the impatient.

– Marriage is not the platform for criticism. 

– Marriage is not the platform For abuse. 

– Marriage is not the plateforme to meet all your needs.

– Marriage is not self-sustaining. 

– Marriage does not thrive on its own. 

– Marriage is not about having kids.

– Marriage is not a ticket to happiness 

– Marriage is not a ticket to lust

– Marriage is not a ticket to success 

– Marriage is not a ticket to heaven

– Marriage is not food you taste to incline or decline. In February take time to reflect on your life. See yourself as the Strategy of God to fulfill his purpose, not just one who is longing for marriage! 

Always remember the grace of God is available for you to tap into. 

Instead, marriage is:

– Marriage is signing up for a strong and deep intimacy with God and your partner.

– Marriage is all about interdependence.

– Marriage is all about vulnerability 

– Marriage is all about laughter 

– Marriage is all about cries

– Marriage is sharing the pain

– Marriage is all about tolerance 

– Marriage is all about fighting 

– Marriage is all about forgiveness

– Marriage is all about apologizing 

– Marriage is hard work with no tangible salary, yet overbalanced by all the good

– Marriage is a vow, a promise, a blood covenant, the strongest covenant of all types of covenants.

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