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Qavaa, A Platform binding community together with amazing tools to connect with new people, Create – Join groups, post updates on personal profile, buy or sell products and services online as well raise money on crowdfunding campaigns for your good cause.

Explore all amazing features available on Qavaa for it’s community as below.

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Qavaa Social Features

Our open, fair & community driven online social network allows you to create your user profile by adding basic to advance details using which you can make connections and add other users to your friends list, upon confirmation from other user you can see their updates and message each other.

Member Profile

Create your account and a community social profile. Show your social details to other members. Qavaa gives you all options to show or hide your details as you want it.

Discuss on Topics

Jump into forum discussion on various topics or post your own topics to start the discussion in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

Social Groups

Explore & Join groups or create your own open or private group to post updates, events and discuss on particular topic with your group members.

Member Connections

Community members on Qavaa can make connections with one another and view updates posted on wall and focus on things that they care about most.

Upload Documents

Members can upload and share documents on activity feed and social groups. Qavaa allows all popular document uploads and sharing on the platform.

Private Messaging

Members have modern features to send messages to each other and chat easily on various topics. Qavaa allows users to send message to one or group members.

Group Messaging

Qavaa Group Messaging feature allows groups to start a thread or discuss 1 to 1 with group members on the go!

Activity Feeds

Qavaa members can post Global, group, comment or personal activity to their post wall including images, photos and @mentions.

Album & Media

Qavaa community members can upload photos and share with connected friends or other members on Qavaa to react and comment. Qavaa also allows users to organize photos into albums.


Qavaa Marketplace Features

Qavaa is open platform where you can make purchase for listed products as well as book services from users all around the world. It’s convenient and easy way to trade for goods and services within just few clicks, you just need a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet connection to make a purchase.

Vendor Profile

Qavaa allows users to setup their vendor profile and start selling products, services or affiliated products on the go. Qavaa provides all tools and services to effectively start your own online store easily.

Store Management

Vendors can upload and manage their products or services using easy tools. Qavaa allows vendors to manage product listings, variables, downloads, orders, shipping & more.

Enquiry Management

Qavaa allows buyers to raise enquiry for each product and Vendors get notified about new queries from potential customers and list each as FAQ to create transparent and easy system.

Store Shipping

Vendors can setup their own shipping options by Store Pickup, Country, Zones or Weight. Vendors can also use default shipping options by Qavaa to handle shipping effortlessly.

Shipment Tracking

Qavaa Vendors have option to add tracking code & URL from their dashboard to provide easy tracking. Vendors can mark product as shipped and customers mark products as received.

Delivery Team

Vendors on Qavaa can manage product delivery by their own delivery team. Vendors can add unlimited delivery persons, assign order delivery and get instant order notifications on their dashboard.

Store Policies

Qavaa understands that each store may have their own terms of handling customers and so easy store policies can be added by vendors to provide transparent terms upfront.

Ledger Book

Qavaa vendors have easiest way to check all store transactions of orders, commission, withdrawals, charges and more.

Store Reviews

Buyers can rate the product or service and provide honest feedback about their experience on each purchase, helping other users to make decisions accordingly.

Easy Refunds

Using Qavaa, Vendors can initiate cash refunds to customers and manage customer service & reputation on demand.

Store Hours

vendors on Qavaa can setup their Store timing to display store open and closing hours or week offs. Vendors also get an option to put up store on Vacation to pause getting new orders.

Store SEO

Qavaa Vendors can configure SEO of their store by placing suitable keywords and get found on popular search engines without much hustle.

Store Articles

Vendors can post articles from dashboard featuring their products or services and update their customers on various topics. Articles helps with awareness, more sales and better authenticity of the store.

Store Coupons

Store vendors on Qavaa can configure and generate coupons for store directly from their dashboard and allow customers to use those coupons for discount on their products.

Store Media

vendors can manage media files from their dashboard using editor and configure media as per their requirements to keep things tidy.

Catalog Mode

Vendors can simply display their products as a catalog if they don't want to sell their products on Qavaa or simply wants to display list of products or services.

Support Tickets

Qavaa Vendors can easily manage their customer support using Support Tickets and easily escalate problems to maintain customer satisfaction. Qavaa allows automated replies and manual replies for a perfect solution.

Verified Stores

Vendors can get verified from Qavaa to offer fair and exclusive products / services on Qavaa. Verified stores gets listed on top pages and search results promoting high quality services to Qavaa buyers.

Store Invoice

Vendors can offer store wise invoice to their customers and easily configure invoice slip as required. Invoicing makes managing finances at ease for vendors and buyers.

Bulk Edit Products

Small changes to listed products can be a painful task for anyone, Qavaa vendors can easily edit their products on single click and update various details about listed products in bulk.

Import / Export Products

Qavaa provide product importer / exporter for Vendors. Vendors are allowed to export and import their products directly using CSV to easily manage product data everywhere.

Product Custom Fields

Qavaa Vendors can add custom fields for their products and make it more viable for customers. Qavaa makes things easy for store vendors.

Store Followers

A store on Qavaa can be followed by it's fanbase and vendors can notify it's followers about their product updates, guides, offers and more.

Store Notifications

Qavaa Vendors get instant notifications about updates on their store such as Order, Out of stock products, Custom Enquiries, Support ticket updates, Delivery and more..

Bookings & Appointments

Qavaa Vendors can create Bookings and Appointments by setting up Staff, Resources and package cost. Vendors can easily manage and view bookings using Booking calendar.

Groups & Staff

Qavaa Vendors have biggest power in their hand with Groups & Staff. If Vendors want to manage a team and allocate various tasks they can easily set that up for free on their Qavaa store.

Bundled Products

Qavaa Vendors dashboard allows you to bundle your Products and start selling them right away. Combine two or more into grouped products and easily list them as one on your store.

Qavaa Crowdfunding Features

Raise fund for a good cause, disasters or to start your business, Qavaa gives open platform for everyone to create campaign or contribute to requests.

So moving from traditional approach of creating business plan, market research, creating prototypes and roaming around limited personals, wealthy individuals or companies you can publish your idea with world wide users having potential to help you succeed with your project.


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