In winter, what we want most is to stay warm (in less classy outfits).

Some people say that the cold slows them down in their enhancement. They do not find the energy and the inspiration necessary to put on beautiful outfits in winter.

However, the winter season should not prevent you from keeping your elegance while protecting you from the cold. It is entirely possible to stay stylish in winter.

So to help you, I have provided you with chic and essential outfits for the winter season.

The essential warm outfits at home in winter.

It is not enough to pile up outfits to be warm, on the contrary you need to wear clothes made from quality materials which is even more effective against the cold. As for the style, we recommend that you choose one of these materials: wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, faux fur, linen, velvet or suede. In addition to protecting you from the cold, they are very comfortable to wear and let the skin breathe.

Here are our tips for dressing in winter…

A trendy Coat and Jacket


I advise you to have at least 40% quality material in the composition of this piece (example: 30% mohair, 10% wool and 60% acrylic at the most. The best thing is to increase the percentage of natural material and quality as high as possible to stay warm in case of extreme cold).

The sweater


Of course, the primary function of the sweater is to protect the body from the cold by isolating it, thanks to the thermal properties of the wool fibers.

If you ask me for advice, I will tell you to choose these because they contain the necessary materials to fight against the cold.

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A big scarf


It’s no surprise to anyone, the scarf remains a winter essential. Choose a cozy and enveloping model, a little wide and do not hesitate to wrap it around your neck to protect you from the cold and the wind.

hat and glove

It is recommended and important to cover the extremities of your body so that you do not get hot. The hat is undoubtedly the essential element to protect your head. You will have a stylish, elegant and original look.

The glove is an essential accessory to fight against the cold. Indeed, the hands are the first victims of the cold, so it is important to protect them, and especially to cover them to hold on.


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