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  • Submitting Crowdfunding Campaign Basics

    Great that you’ve chose to submit Crowdfunding campaign to ask a donation or raise capital for your idea. Go through below basics before you submit perfect fundraising campaign which can drive proper attention from users.

    1. Share relevant and engaging description & marketing materials.

    You need to add easy to understand title, description and relevant category so users can easily grasp what plans you have. Plan ahead and prepare right document before you submit the application.

    With Crowdfunding campaigns it’s important to separate your campaign from others. Marketing materials is the best way to gain recognition and help you raise capital. Brief video that explains product or idea is considered best eye grabbing way to start with.

    If it’s an donation request you should consider to include images and description of the need. If you’re an registered non profit you can add about your organization as well.

    2. Be Passionate about your Ideas

    First impression is last impression so pitch your idea with passion in Crowdfunding form and make sure readers clearly understand why you need the capital and why should they back the campaign. Having poor description and failing to explain why you need to raise money may not end as expected.

    If you’re asking for a donation you should elaborate the need of funds or goods which can help others to understand clearly.

    3. Have plan of spending money you raise

    Doesn’t matter how good your idea is, people should know that you have solid plan to go there. We suggest you to give detailed explanation of how you’ll be using backers money and keep all costs transparent.

    For donation requests, please explain how the money will be utilized to help the ones in need. Consider to add all relevant details and certifications for the cause.

    4. Create compelling rewards

    Many users are likely to participate if you have good rewards setup in return of the capital you receive, Everyone deserves good return after-all they helped you raise money for your idea or cause.

    In case of donation request you can opt out of reward but giving anything in return won’t harm. Even a single video after finishing the cause can give immerse happiness to the ones who helped you for your donation request.

    Those are the basics to submit crowdfunding campaign application form but you can be innovative to add more from your end. Please note all applications are reviewed manually before being published on Qavaa Crowdfunding Network.

    We’ve made it very easy for you to submit fundraising campaign, if you face any problems you can always reach out to us using website contact form.


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