Qavaa Social Community Members

Qavaa is open social platform powered by members for members. Qavaa aims to become an social network of National organisations, associations and all voluntary groups at local, regional and national level in country – covering a large spectrum of the social civil society sector. Here you can find all social network members registered on Qavaa.

Qavaa allows everyone including men, women, older people, young generation, people with disabilities, people affected by poverty, children, families, gays and lesbians and transgenders. Our Member organisations also include those campaigning on issues such as social justice, homelessness, life-long learning, health and reproductive rights or racism.

Here you can find each and every social network members of our social community and even use advanced filters to drill down the results. Each Qavaa member has opportunity to create their own social profile, make connections, post updates, create and join groups, buy products / services, apply to sell products and services and jump into various discussions happening on the website.

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