Qavaa Social Network Platform

Join Qavaa Social Network Platform to Make Friends, Create Groups & Connect with Online Communities .

Qavaa Social Network Platform makes it easy for you to Create profile, Make Friends & Connect with like minded people to share updates about passionate interests. Our Social media platform gives you flexibility, control & modern tools for free to create engaging community experience.

Qavaa - Social Network Platform

Qavaa, A Platform binding community together with amazing tools to connect with new people, Create – Join groups, post updates on personal profile, buy or sell products and services online as well raise money on crowdfunding campaigns for your good cause.

Explore all amazing features available on Qavaa for it’s community as below.

Qavaa Social Features

Our open, fair & community driven online social network allows you to create your user profile by adding basic to advance details using which you can make connections and add other users to your friends list, upon confirmation from other user you can see their updates and message each other.

Networking is fundamental!

Social Media Networking & It’s Role in Current Generation.

Technology has made the world a smaller place and the advent of social media websites has made it even smaller. As social network platforms have been used initially for personal interactions, gradually it has become a bigger networking site. Whether you may use social media for personal or professional reasons, networking is of great significance. Yet, what is even more essential is when you network with like-minded individuals. That is why our platform is of great essence.

How Qavaa Social Network Platform encourage great networking?

Our Social Network Platform allows you to connect with our members basis your likes, interest, passion, and needs. Doesn’t matter how big or small community you have you get all tools to manage things on your own with ease. The site allows you to post updates, make friends and create groups with individuals sharing similar interests. However, values are built when you connect and interact with the individuals. For this, you can participate in our online discussion forums and interact with individuals of your industry or niche. This makes the interaction more beneficial and practical. You can ask your questions, clarify your doubts, or even help others to gain some insights. Additionally, sharing experiences always helps in building stronger relations. In our platform, you can share photos and documents exhibiting your know-how or capabilities with the group of entities.

Features of Qavaa online social media platform

Our social network platform is built with the vision of creating a larger and credible networking site for individuals sharing passionate interests. You can make friends, meet, discuss, and understand your goals or exchange ideas and visions entrusting individuals here. You can leverage better business opportunities and market your brand with the right set of Target Audience in our platform. You can create your own community group to build your own brand identity with your expertise. With more than a thousand opportunities knocking your door, sign up today and enjoy the unlimited benefits of networking absolutely free on our site here. A free sign up won’t cost you more than an email! Register now to Join Qavaa Social Platform

Qavaa Social Network Platform Allows you to

Member Profile

Create your account and a community social profile. Show your social details to other members. Qavaa gives you all options to show or hide your details as you want it.

Discuss on Topics

Jump into forum discussion on various topics or post your own topics to start the discussion in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

Social Groups

Explore & Join groups or create your own open or private group to post updates, events and discuss on particular topic with your group members.

Member Connections

Community members on Qavaa can make connections with one another and view updates posted on wall and focus on things that they care about most.

Upload Documents

Members can upload and share documents on activity feed and social groups. Qavaa allows all popular document uploads and sharing on the platform.

Private Messaging

Members have modern features to send messages to each other and chat easily on various topics. Qavaa allows users to send message to one or group members.

Group Messaging

Qavaa Group Messaging feature allows groups to start a thread or discuss 1 to 1 with group members on the go!

Activity Feeds

Qavaa members can post Global, group, comment or personal activity to their post wall including images, photos and @mentions.

Album & Media

Qavaa community members can upload photos and share with connected friends or other members on Qavaa to react and comment. Qavaa also allows users to organize photos into albums.

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