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How to use Qavaa

Qavaa, A Platform binding community together with amazing tools to connect with new people, Create - Join groups, post updates on personal profile, buy or sell products and services online as well raise money on crowdfunding campaigns for your good cause.

Qavaa is an online social networking website with a modern approach that allows users to register for free, Shop, Buy & sell products or services online, and raise capital by Online Crowdfunding / Fundraising campaigns to support and grow as a community.

Our online social network allows you to create your user profile by adding basic to advance details using which you can make connections and add other users to your friends list, upon confirmation from other user you can see their updates and message each other.

Qavaa offer members the opportunity to establish and join groups of people online and create social community. Allowing users to connect using

Common Background:   Family groups, ethnic heritage, former classmates.

Qualifications:   Job function or title, alumni status.

Interests or Hobbies:   Sports, causes, hobbies, pets, political affiliation, religion, work related topics.

Membership in groups is optional and may require approval by the group’s administrator. There are some groups which may require invitation by member of group or Administrator of group.

There are groups which may visible to public online while others are private and only visible to members of group.

Main function of social media group on Qavaa social network is to encourage conversation & connection amidst members. If there’s group which isn’t available for public it provides better environment to it’s members which may feel more comfortable to share updates to other members.

Just like group discussion our website offers Forum discussions for all user to chat and discuss over specific topic just like bulletin board where you can leave you questions and expect others to response to the messages you’ve left. This helps user finding answers to various queries and discuss on various topics creating perfect social network.

You must be familiar with concept of Online Shop / Ecommerce  that sells goods and products to make things easy in our life. Qavaa is open platform where you can make purchase for listed products as well as book services from users all around the world. It’s convenient and easy way to trade for goods and services within just few clicks, you just need a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet connection to make a purchase.

Qavaa is amazing web platform which also allows users to get registered and list their products or services they want to sell.. Amazing right!?

Qavaa marketplace doesn’t only allow users to purchase products but if you have something to sell then get registered and start barging about best things you have to offer to others. Whether you’re B2B, B2C or C2C You get all convenient tools to upload your products, manage inventory and orders you receive from the website. You can withdraw your money without any hassle. Hence Qavaa is perfect online shop where products are being traded by users.

Qavaa Crowdfunding tools on website helps you to launch fundraising campaign for you and your dear ones. Giving boost to your innovations and charity work, you can always find Qavaa close to you.

If you have an idea or cause which needs to raise funds we’re here to help, Using our platforms online Fundraising tools you can easily Register, submit a simple form and your campaign can be viewed by thousands of potential users to tip in and help you raise funds for your needs. Qavaa aims to be perfect crowdfunding for you.

Using online crowdfunding website like Qavaa makes it easy for those who are in need to get funding at ease from users willing to invest for reward or non profit in online crowdfunding campaign.

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