It is pleasant to see the children being educated during the new school year because everyone has the right to education. According to the statistical analysis of the Ivorian system: “Out of a total of 4,185,904 children of primary school age, the education system welcomed 4,101,430 children for the 2019-2020 school year, i.e. approximately 98 % of school-age children. Out of 2,027,198 girls aged 6 to 11 in 2020, the Ministry of National Education welcomed 1,962,112, or 96.7%. The gap between the school-age and primary-school population is 84,474, or 2%. The reduction of this gap is due to the various actions initiated within the framework of the Compulsory Schooling Policy (PSO), throughout the national territory. An act that deserves to be saluted. 

Table 1: Evolution of the school-able population, from 2015-2020

the State through these actions has done everything they can to put these children in school, it is also up to us to do our part to help children go to school in optimal conditions. To avoid these children thinking about how they will get their school supplies.

Last year, we went to the SOS children’s village of Abobo Gare to make our contribution to the fight for the best study conditions for underprivileged children through a donation of school supplies. We were able to reach around 70 people from classes from CP1 to CM2 (there were on average ten Kits per class).

It was a great moment to see the smile on the lips of these children who deserve a good education as much as we do.

It is true that the state and other charities (NGOs, UNICEF, etc.) at their level carry out actions that obviously lead to results that we appreciate, but it is clear that this is not enough. , because there are always children who do not have supplies. I would even say that it is everyone’s duty to take care of the good of others, even more so for these children who do not benefit from any parental help or affection. It’s everyone’s business.

For the 2023-2024 school year, we are launching a fundraiser for the benefit of the SOS Children’s Village of Abobo and the Orphanage of Bingerville.

This fundraising activity aims to fight against the difficult living and learning conditions of disadvantaged children during the start of the school year.

In fact, the sums raised will make it possible to finance the purchase of school supplies to promote the learning of children. The absence of school materials places the student in a problematic situation that affects his concentration and understanding of the lessons.

The main goal of this activity is to allow disadvantaged children to have the same chances of success as everyone else because they deserve it because we all deserve help from others.

This cause is particularly close to our hearts, and we need your help to make it happen, whether in kind or in cash.

Rest assured, your donation will be fully passed on to the children in complete safety and transparency.

Join us for a great back-to-school campaign in 2023-2024.

We thank you for your attention to our request. Since our commitment is based on your support, we hope that you will respond favorably.


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